Dia Mina Duran
Special Delivery   On May 24, 2005
Birth Day

Dia :
Light , Daylight, Day
To fully grasp the ideas in day

also, note relationship with TIME

Day is the period of CLARITY or LIGHT of the Earthly rotation around its AXIS

A Greek Island named Dia.

"Dia" also known as "He/She" in malay language.
For example "Who is he/she?

Mina :
expression for "First daughter"

Old German for "love"

Spanish for "Mine/Treasure"

Persian name for "Lapis (Lazarus) Iazuli Stone" from Medieval Latin lapis lazuli, from Arabic l*zaward รณ more at AZURE;

a semiprecious stone that is usually rich azure blue and is essentially a complex silicate often with spangles of pyrites

Japanese for "Beautiful Apple"

Adopted on Father's Day June 19, 2005
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